List of Social Bookmarking Sites - FREE Download

Download the free list of Top 100 Social Bookmarking Sites. Social Bookmarking is a quick and easy way to get your websites acknowledged sooner in an easy way. When your content sounds good, people eventually bookmark your website and thus the popularity of your site increases.

BookmarkPRAlexa RankTypeSubmit
      Google.com101    free Submit 91,960    free Submit 936    free Submit 9675    free Submit 94    free Submit 910    free Submit
      Netscape.com95,934    free Submit
      Youtube.com93    free Submit
      Flickr.com932    free Submit 8695    free Submit 82,391    free Submit 8165    free Submit 8603    free Submit 8425    free Submit
      Linkedin.com896    free Submit
      Ning.com8144    free Submit
      Orkut.com8116    free Submit
      Meebo.com8532    free Submit 8709    free Submit
      Del.icio.us8709    free Submit
      News.netscape.com85,776    free Submit
      Beta.blogger.com88    free Submit
      Men.netscape.com85,809    free Submit 77,084    free Submit 7764    free Submit 79,970    free Submit 73,202    free Submit 7493    free Submit 76,713    free Submit 7182    free Submit 73,608    free Submit
      Consumating.com716,316,061    free Submit
      Meetup.com71,102    free Submit
      43things.com73,592    free Submit
      Dailymotion.com769    free Submit
      Metacafe.com7135    free Submit
      Rollyo.com718,196    free Submit
      Pbwiki.com76,000    free Submit
      Citeulike.org710,325    free Submit
      Mystuff.ask.com747    free Submit
      Claimid.com727,144    free Submit    free Submit 730,467    free Submit 714,557    free Submit
      Librarything.com76,680    free Submit
      Blogpulse.com728,805    free Submit
      Hanzoweb.com7267,712    free Submit
      Memeorandum.com769,457    free Submit
      Meneame.net78,848    free Submit
      Nowpublic.com73,894    free Submit

BookmarkPRAlexa RankTypeSubmit
      Opencontent.org7282,456    free Submit
      Rocketnews.com7125,513    free Submit
      Sphere.com722,539    free Submit
      Yoono.com740,491    free Submit
      Wikio.com73,298    free Submit
      Upstartblogger.com739,719    free Submit    free Submit
      Bebo.com7162    free Submit
      Total.com741,344    free Submit
      Furl.net67,200    free Submit 611,740    free Submit 64,740    free Submit 613,562    free Submit 647    free Submit 684,770    free Submit 62,113    free Submit 6107,088    free Submit 611,499    free Submit 623,277    free Submit 615,261    free Submit 66,785    free Submit 634,698    free Submit
      Segnalo.com61,762,625    free Submit
      Seomoz.org63,147    free Submit
      Rawsugar.com686,367    free Submit
      Wink.com616,989    free Submit
      Slide.com6463    free Submit 61,240    free Submit
      Mybookmarks.com672,313    free Submit 65,184    free Submit 622,587    free Submit 619,655    free Submit 664,349    free Submit 629,055    free Submit
      Faves.com66,772    free Submit
      Memori.ru613,294    free Submit
      Wykop.pl67,891    free Submit
      Linkologia.pl6192,473    free Submit
      Segnalo.alice.it6367    free Submit
      Niallkennedy.com6100,431    free Submit
      Adaptiveblue.com6108,988    free Submit
      Blogdex.net67    free Submit
      Blogdigger.com634,223    free Submit
      Blogsoftheday.com64,352,296    free Submit
      Buzznet.com6807    free Submit
      Esnips.com6837    free Submit
      Findory.com63,010,279    free Submit
      Goowy.com6372,493    free Submit
      Icerocket.com614,825    free Submit
      Icio.de631,031    free Submit

List of Social Bookmarking Sites - FREE Download

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